Weekend Escape: Adeline @ Gopeng

After writing for the Gua Batu Maloi caving, only i realized i ter-missed this post.  I was darn packed for work in June. Late is better then nothing. So I am going to jot down a weekend escape to Gopeng on 8-9 June 2013. Well, again, I was going with the same gang. Just add on the few that fly me airplane for the Gua Batu Maloi Caving.

I like mountain, fresh air, trees, jungle, cave and waterfall. So basically, nearly all my outings are related to these elements.

Almost 2 hour drive from KL to Gopeng. The road to Adeline was small and narrow. Shaun’s was driving very carefully not to hurt his car and get buang.  We were straight heading to Adeline. Why? This was because we were starving. Panda was recommending me Adeline when she was back from team building. The only thing I recalled was, the food in Adeline was just awesome. (Home cook style food that will definitely satisfying.)

See, they all eating with full concentration. Yummy!

See, they all eating with full concentration. Yummy!

Hehehe... Guys are yelling, saying the world change already. Men have to wash dishes. Women can goyang kaki. Thanks guy for showing your gentleman .

Hehehe… Guys are yelling, saying the world change already. Men have to wash dishes. Women can goyang kaki. Thanks guy for showing your gentleman .


Adeline is having two types of accommodation. First choice will be villa type. Second one will be kampong hut. I had signed up the RM 338 package for my gang. To stay in kampung hut and Villa hut, there will be RM 50 different. There is no point for us to stay in air-cond room. Especially you were already so near to the Mother Nature.  The receptionist had told me night time will be cold.  Surprisingly the night we over night there was a bit humid. I was not sure because of the Martell? Or was due to the climate of the weather?

Schedule for our escape:

Day 1 –

  1. Arrival
  2. Lunch
  3. Proceed to kampung hut
  4. Briefing for water rafting
  5. Dinner
  6. Bath
  7. Night walk
  8. Free and Easy

Day 2

  1. Breakfast
  2. Caving at Gua Kandu
  3. Waterfall
  4. Pack and back

This was my first time going for water rafting. When listening to the briefing, already can for see the danger and risk. Two of my girl friends were start to worry as they don’t know how to swim. Yet the guide had just convinced not to struggle in the water and it should be fine.

Here we go! Let’s have fun in the river. Basically, the water here in Gopeng was friendly. Rapids were not many. Still, you can still the excitement. I was sitting at the edge of the boat. This had increased my chances of getting thrown out from the boat. Yes. I was nearly dropped out from the boat for two times, yet, was lucky to be grabbed by my boat mate. It was quite fun rafting along for approximately 2 hours.  Though, being thrown into the water and being beaten by the pedal by my gang. All I can say, it was still a nice one.

Wow ... see ... start to feel the fall

Wow … see … start to feel the fall

my boat mates :)

my boat mates 🙂

Start again after stopping for a break

Start again after stopping for a break

All of us + guides.

All of us + guides.

After water rafting, with cloths were still wet, 12 of us were waiting eagerly for the dinner. Energy was much consume to pedal and to hold the rope when rafting. Guess what, they serve bamboo soup and grilled lamb steak, chicken steak, and also beef steak. It also provided “ lok-lok” , seafood ( big prawns) , nasi goring, veggies, mushroom steam chicken and etc. Well, everyone was like the hunger wolf, hopping and grabbed big plated of food.

It was started to rain during the dinner time. This had indicated night walk will be canceled. We were quite disappointed, yet, still manage to drink-drank-drunk with all the junk food we had brought. Nice chit-chating, cards playing, and mingling around the kampung hut. There were other primary school’s students camping beside our hut. It brought back a lot of Camp Fire memory that I had during my secondary school time. As I watched them start dancing with “ I put my left hand in , I put my left hand out, I put my left hand in and shake it all about…. “

Besides, we had smuggled in one cake for our beloved Su Nee. What a good birthday celebration with us. 7 drinkers (all the guys) had managed to finish my ¾ bottles of Martell and countless cans of Carlsberg. Great job dude!

I went to my lullaby around 2 am, waking up at 6.30 am again for preparation. Taking bath with the fresh waterfall water was always awakening. How I wish, the water supply in my house is from waterfall too. After having breakfast, then we were heading to Gua Kandu for the caving.

Gua Kandu is one of the milestone caves. Before entering the cave, two of the guides were advising us to put on mask if we got any. Inside the cave will be dusty. None of us has prepared any mask. It was always good to see the formation of stalagmite. The path was easy. There were many animal-like pictures formed in the cave. We were stunning by the beauty of nature.  Ahead of us was another family group. You can easily differentiate out doers and those who never do outings. Those kids who were pampered with technology devices and urban life styles were suffering when trying to move on in the cave. Parents should really spend time with kids for some outdoors. Let them to be close to the natural environment and experience different life style.

After Caving. P:)

After Caving. P:)

My gang was urging me to get compensation for not being able for night walk due to the rain the night before. Thanks god. The boss was nice. Our wish was granted with a waterfall trip. They brought us to a cascading water fall where wet abseiling will be done. Sitting still, letting the water to beat on the body was like a superb spa. Relaxing and chilling in the cold water. Jason, our “ah mo” didn’t like water. He was being trapped and forced to get himself dip in the water. Good job mates. Two monkeys were chasing each other just to let Jason fallen into the water. What others were doing? Hahaha… we were watching the good live action movie.




Chilling ... Chilling

Chilling … Chilling

showing the buttock >< '''

showing the buttock >< ”’


After water, we were head back to kampung hut, start to pack and leaving back to KL. Before back to KL, we had our LUXURY lunch at the small town in Gopeng. Our fish lover, Jack, had ordered more than 3 types of fishes, and total 10 dishes. Guess what, the price is just reasonable.

One more shot before heading back to Kampung hut.

One more shot before heading back to Kampung hut. Kum Seng and vincent both looked so giant and me and cat looked so mini. hehehe… good . 

I was almost knocking off directly on my bed when I was home to Subang. Thanks guys, for hanging out and to venture together. Hope our next trip, escape to Serendah or Dusun can be confirmed soon. Could I request for change of organizer? Everyone should take charge for one time.


P/S: Great environment, great food, great gang, great escapeJ. Anyone who interested for water rafting and retreat, Adeline will be an ideal choice. Hmmm… the water rafting has triggered my urge to go for more adventure water rafting in Kuala Kubu Baru. Well, shall look into my calendar and plan ahead for this.












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