Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Ok. Before i start my writing, please start saying –>


”  Red Lorry Yellow Lorry x 10 times ” 


I bet if you go fast with these words , your tongue somehow will feel like forming knot.

I was laughing out loud while driving home last Friday when the Krappi call was playing this in the radio.

Yeah. Someone used to train my speaking with this statement too. Why train me ? Because i always messed up the pronunciation of ” L”  and ” R”

This part of memory was making me feel young and young again. I miss my early twenties, which i am now in late twenties. Time flies.

We always kept those unhappy memories, trust me , something sweet and funny like this definitely make you smile and laugh.

So please smile and LOL . 🙂


Bought a vintage watch for my beloved Xiao Yu . Always wanted to get her a watch yet always fail. ( I think since we were staying together in UNI. )

Luckily sharing the quite same taste with her.

Vintage Vintage for a vintage girl :)

Vintage Vintage for a vintage girl 🙂

Finally she is dating a guy.Though at first she was hesitated and quite worry about the age gap. But the guy is really trying very hard to get her. Good job!  Hope this couple can make their own way out . 🙂


p/s:  I think when i am getting angry for the next time, i will remind myself to practice ” RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY” . Hope you guys too. Smile and laugh to ease the tension in life.



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