This i promise you

Time flies. Without realizing, another year is ahead.

I was trapped in the jam ( as usual) when heading for work. Just simply put in one of  the CD . And this song just started to play ” This i promise you ” .

My favorite song for all time. Emotion is being disrupted. Yeah.It swings me up and down.  I can still feel the pain.

Memories were bringing  me back to the path where i was trying to avoid and keep away.

Tears were rolling down. I thought i am totally fine. I thought i am ok. Yet, I am still fragile and with broken heart.

” I am truly madly deeply in love with you , this i promise you to be viva forever ”

Sarcastically, it was part of the past. It just leaks out when i am holding on too much to myself.

I cannot deny it, it is just part of me…..


I promise to take good care of my self.

I promise to be the best of me .

I promise  to be happy.

I promise  to live.

This i promise you …..

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