Missed my first  chance to visit the Sepang Gold Coast for a FREE dinner in their iconic Stimboat Restaurant last year. Here comes the second chance. and …. the FREEBIES is much more valuable then the first time. FREE stay in the Golden Palm Tree Resort for 2D 1 N. I promise my self , I will take a day off and enjoy myself there .

If I never get the call , I will never know  those hotels will be inviting people to attend their hotel/package/membership promotion by giving free stay or other kind of voucher. Since Saturday will be free, just decided to grab my mum to go with me. As she is also keen to see how the Golden Palm Tree Resort like.

I like the sales person that talked to me , Joyce. . A 90 minutes spending with her talking about travelling. Right before that already realize many travel package offered is really darn cheap and worth for value of money. The bad point is, I prefer free and easy as to give myself a chance. So sorry Joyce, the membership is high price for me, but I am here to get the FREE STAY. ( human nature  :-P)

Yeah. I am going to sneak one day to enjoy myself here. 🙂 Another holiday is waiting ahead.


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