Review of Mille Crepe

Though I don’t really eat SWEET thing,but Mille Crepe somehow still something that can cheer me up. Just one mouth, my world will turn to be normal or even better again.

The very first time I ate this cake was in Nadeje at  Melaka Raya, five years ago. It just happened to be I am so attached to Malaccan. Not kidding for this. Since I was in school time, always will have Malaccan mingling around me. Ok. I know this is not the important point,so we shall proceed.

Of course, the pioneer will be Nadeje. Then soon I discover Humble Beginings, Dreamz Café, Induge Café and Food Foundary. Just spent a lovely Sunday evening in Food Foundary with a piece of vanilla mille crepe and chatime tea. I will go into details about the texture, the crepe, the cream, and overall rating for every mille crepe that I had eaten. The rating below will start from my least favorite to my very favorite.

Here you go:

a.       Dreamz Café (Kota Damansara) Score: 1/10

Get to know this café from the owner’s blog. I quite like her. Don’t underestimate the power of blogger and network. Dreamz Café has appeared in iFeel magazine and also Sin Chew Jit Poh Happy Sunday.

Try two pieces of mille crepe for my visit -original and Tiramisu. The original one is totally upsetting me, it was the worst mille crepe that I ever had.  First of all, the crepe is too thick. I only have feeling of biting a very thick layer of flour. Secondly, the vanilla cream give me the feeling of “ Geli”. I was wondering whether it is fresh or normal cream. The leftover taste in the mouth is making sick. I totally cannot taste the combination of mille crepe, where the combination of crepe and cream is a magic.

Luckily the tiramisu mille crepe is much better. At least, it will not trigger the “ Geli “ taste.  Acceptable for tiramisu, just the crepe is still thick.

Actually I like this shop for the design and environment. And it is famous with 3D cakes.  Just the mille crepe is still in vain. Maybe can try others for the next time.

b.      Indulge café ( Kuchai Lama) Score 5.5/10.

I went to this shop after my work on one of the Sunday.  I choose the hazelnut mille crepe. Well, this one not to say a very good one. But at least the cream and crepe do integrated. Somehow, the tastes still lack a bit. Hmmm….. Something is missing in the cake.  Smoothness and creaminess are missing in this cake.

They served very nice western food as well.  One of the food recommended was something like luncheon meat. Thumb up for that.

Hazelnut layer cake


c.       Food Foundary ( Petaling Jaya, s17) Score 7/10

After get to know mille crepe, already heard there is one in Petaling Jaya. I was  Hi-tea+ing before the penguin movie. A lazy Sunday, I was  sipping chatime milk tea, with a piece of original mille crepe. Yeah. I smuggled the chatime milk tea into the shop so openly.

The mille crepe here is much better then Indulge café  and of course Dreamz bakery. At least the taste is there. The smoothness is there .I just doesn’t like they decorated this cake with icing sugar on top. It did spoil the cake for a little, as I don’t really eat sweet thing.

I like the feeling of this café. It is situated in an old flat area. Though it is not air-conditioning, but I like the old style coffee shop feel. The menu is quite limited. But the coffee there does smell good. (too bad , I am free from caffeine. )

Original mille crepe.

  1. d.      Nadeje (Malacca) Score 9/10

I am not sure how many of you have the same feeling as me, the mille crepe at the headquarter (Melaka raya) is nicer than the one in Pahlawan ? My sister did feel the same, as there is one time I did packed a few slides for her from Pahlawan and she told me the cake is not that fresh and nice.

So, start from there on, I will only pack or eat in the headquarter Melaka raya. The only thing I will complain is it is too moist (wet) for the cake. For example, it is really hard to preserve when trying to pack it back to Seremban for my family. And it need to be kept nicely, else, it will be like too “ lembik”.  The bad news is, nowadays, they no longer having the “ Rum & Raisin” flavor. Good news is, the mille crepe here still the cheapest ever.

e.      Humble Beginning’s (online services: availability Johor, KL, and Penang) Score 9.5/10

There is rumor saying the pioneer of humble beginnings is the same as Nadeje. Guess what, I had proven this.  The bad point for humble beginning is, they are selling a whole cake. You will only able to try one flavor at a time. I managed to try three flavors, as finding all kind of excuses to buy this cake home. Wait, there is one coffee shop at garden is selling their cake. But the price is …….. RM13-RM 15  for one slide. Gosh kill me please. Another bad point is, the topping for this cake need to add extra money, which I don’t really like it. Since the cake for other flavors (not original) already expensive than the normal one. The last one that I tried was Peanut butter blueberry. It will absolutely nice for those peanut butter lovers.

Why I like humble beginnings then Nadeje? The very main reason is, the taste, the moist, the smoothness and the creaminess are all there.And it is all in balance.  Additional point, it is much more solid and will not be lembik and easy to take it for travel . (of course, travel for short distance).

Peanut butter blueberry

Last but not least, I will prefer  Well, I know this is very optional. No harms go to try around.

As it will definitely a good outing— to taste mille crepe. 🙂

P/s: Actually i do have a recipe on Cheese Mille Crepe that i wish to try. Yeah… going to find time to work it out. And i wish i can really produce a thin layer of crepe. And frankly speaking, the technique needed is really something very precious. I will still go on and try.  Then see  who is voluntary to become white rats… hehehe…


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