The Last Lecture – Randy

I have switched my lunch hour as my story time. Walking to the mall, sitting at the bench start munching self prepare sandwich and soya. Then will be my wonderful moment with my book. Obviously, I always will fall asleep with the book holding in my hand if I tried to read before I go to bed. My life now is totally an early bird. Though weekend, the most I can sleep is till 6 am.

Well, just finished reading the book given by ah kian & my son – The Last Lecture. A book which is trying to converse the meaning of getting your life better. Yeah. I like this book but yet Tuesday with Morrie  still the best for me . But there is something i really wish to share with. Those are the theories we have been hearing , but how many of us really start to practise it. Well, here it goes again .

1. Stop Complaining 

I am trying hard to do this. As you know, girls like to complain a lot, especially person that fussy like me. I never deny that  I am fussy and particular. This is so called stubborn as well. They used to say it is hard to change a person’s character. Trust me, consciously realizing that you are doing the wrong thing can really start to make yourself change if you allow to . My best friend used to tell me why her colleagues always like to complain the job is too much, it is not part of their scope. She just told me, things need to be done and there must be someone who did it. Yeah. Totally agree this. Trying my best to do everything in my life voluntary and stop complaining.

2. Dream Big

I buy this idea very much. Dream as big as possible. It is FOC by the way .  I still remembered I used to dream about my life when I was kids. I am not from a rich family and to have aircond in my room is totally luxury. Yet, I always dream that one day i will have my room with aircond that make me comfortable to do my revision. Believe or not, it did happen many years later. It might be late, certainly it will realize. A person with dream  will start to put effort to achieve the dream. Guess what, my dream now is to own an apartment with a good maintenance swimming pool and really get myself go back to school by next year.

3. Just Ask 

I scare my question will make other irritated. I still ask. No harm being rejected. It is better than you never ask.


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