I was watching the greatest show in the cinema yesterday. Yeah…this movie never turned me down. Your ears and eyes are guaranteed to be satisfied with great singing, humor  acting, and fantastic dancing.

It was all yesterday night. Guess what, my ears are still hearing songs they sang. The two that I like the most will be Christina Aguilera < Bound to you> and Cher < You haven’t seen the last of me>.

Frankly speaking, before the movie, I was paranoid by all the reviews given.  Most of them rate it 6 out 10. Movie is something very subjective, so i still die hard to watch 😛 This is due to musical movie always my favorite. I like the excitement given by the movie to stimulate my nerve or at least bringing some sparks in my boring routine life.

If you are having the same taste with me, why not ?

p/s: I thought Christina Aguilera must be quite old. Instead, she is just 31 year-old.  Undeniable, she is special. Every make up and every hair style, make her look totally different. Thumb Up! and and and …the guy showing in the movie, named Jack, is really sexy:-P




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