X’mas eve – Peppercorn Cafe Subang Jaya

Yeah. I was tied up during the Christmas Eve. Started to prepare the dessert for my beloved sister’s shop, Peppercorn cafe Subang Jaya since early in the morning on that day. Initially, I was planning to bake apple strudel, but my sister prefer apple pie. So i baked five apple pies with hardship (four served in the shop, one as a Christmas gift for my ex-student’s mom). Cut my fingers and burn my hand while in the process of preparing. But every hardship was worth for it when the customer start to complement the apple pie was nice . Blink blink ~~ Or maybe you will ask me , why must put apple as the dessert. hahaha… i got a ridiculous thinking in my mind. Christmas Eve is as ” Ping An Ye” in  mandarin, so apple will the symbol of Ping An = Safe.

Apple strudel

At first my sister was worried the business on Christmas Eve. But the truth proved to her that, Peppercorn is really having high potential to go further. All i wanted to say is , thanks for those who giving  SUPPORT on that night, and i really hope, the support will be forever.

Many of my friends did complaint that the price for the Christmas Eve set is expensive.  I know, Peppercorn might not providing you the five stars  environment for fine dining, but i can ensure, the quality of food is always there for you to judge.  We are trying to serve the best and most healthy food. All the sauces, soups and even mayonnaise is in house prepared, which means, all is prepared by own recipe and from fresh raw materials.

Here, I am going to show the meals that served on that day. If you missed it this year, it is okie.I hope you can come for the next time. 🙂


Grilled scallop with lemon butter cream sauce.  (served together with prawn and steam fish)



Lobster Bisque soup ( irresistible for prawn lover.Fresh shrimp and lobster meat make the smell perfect! No seasoning is added for this soup)

Baby lobster soup


Main course

There were three main course to be chosen.

1. Roasted turkey roll with chestnut stuffing (Boneless turkey roll with cranberry sauce) This item is selling fast, forgotten to snap the picture 😦

2. Grilled King fish and salmon with champagne cream sauce.

Salmon and yellow tail king fish

3. Chilled rib eye steak with red wine sauce.

chilled Rib-eye with red wine sauce

Every main course was serving with fresh vegetables and choice of potato (mashed, baked and boil ).

You can choose one cup of any drinks (red wine, white wine or juices) . The wine being served was having good feedback. Many customers were asking my sister which wine was serving. hehehe… Here you are, the wine that served on that night.

White wine that served complementary with the set


The final serving, dessert. Although the look of the apple pie was  not attractive (due to the shortcrust paste that I am using), but the feedback from the customer were overwhelming. This is one of the favorite for the little handsome guy who always come to my sister shop during weekend 😛

Apple pie with ice-cream served as the dessert

Especially thanks to Boon Koon and the boyfriend, Donny, Richard, Jack and the girl friend, Cojack and Jing Taow and the friend for coming over that night. With the presence of yours, make my Christmas more meaningful 🙂

p/s: Menu for big celebration is specially created. 🙂 No worries, the breakfast set, lunch set and also dinner set is available for normal day.  For food lovers, please drop by and have a try. 😀



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