Review of 3 Idiots

Hindu or Tamil movies used to be my good companion when i was small. I can still remember some of the nice Hindu movies. I bet a lot of you were having the same childhood as me ? Since that time got no ASTRO or any other TV stations.

The successfulness of Slum Dog had highlight the potential for Hindu movie to be commercialized. I got to know this ❤ idiots> through the review of movie . They graded this movie 4 1/2 stars out of five. Phew~ the high rating really make me curious how this movie can be graded so high. Half year later, I mean yesterday, I finally watched it peacefully with my tomato mee. (for your information, I am currently become a pescatarian ( vegetarian that only consume eggs and fish)

Yeah. The time length  for this movie is approximately 3 hours. The classical scene like dancing and singing are  still part of it .  I think that is the reason why i got potential to have photo shooting like Hindu movie style ? ( told by my beloved Huey Shin).

Way back to the story, < 3 idiots> . I like three things about this movie

  • It is not all spoken hindu (mixture of english)
  • The twist of the story
  • The meaning brought up by the movie.

I will not tell you what is the TWIST of the movie.  It did surprised me. 🙂

I will talk about the meaning brought up by the movie.  It is all about PASSION.

I like the word PASSION a lot. It always gives me the meaning that touch by the heart.

PASSION is the drive for the synergy. But most of us lost our PASSION in many things when the reality of life hit us. Like most of you, I did lost my passion in my work recently. Luckily managed to gain it back day by day. ( Another words i am working very hard currently. I want to fall in love with the work that i used to love so much previously. Andfor my guessing is, I am way towards it.

They always said turn your passion to something that can create commercial value. Hmm… then i guess I am totally not in my track ? The biggest passion that I have is towards baking. When starting baking, I can really concentrate and try to imagine the mixture of the taste of the ingredients. Well, I keep this passion more privately, towards all the people around me is enough. hahahaha..

So tell me , what is your passion ?

Living without passion is the death end for my life.  Inspiration for passion is always in our heart. Just the matter whether you, yourself,  blinded it.

To all of you, please identify your passion, and live it!

And i like the other meaning in this movie, education is live, but books are dead. We should always study lively and not blindly towards the book. So called innovation and creativity. Books are always limited to the facts, creativity and innovation are the windows to unlimited.

Lastly, if you really cannot get the copy for this movie, can get it from me. Well, should thank to my download supplier.  🙂




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