I had a BAD DAY

Just like the tittle above. I was having a real bad day yesterday. The seriousness of the bad thing I’ve experienced is in increasing level. Well let see how you will react if you were me. ><

Thanks god that my temper really improved far a lot that i can imagine. I was surprised that I was pretty well control under all the circumstances that I had gone through yesterday. Never thought i can really treat everything so peacefully. Ya…need to admit the older you grow, the lesser fire you got. ><

The story will begin with 5.3o am in the morning till 10.30 pm on 22/07/10. Such a memorable day to me.

Woke up at 5.30 a.m to bake a birthday cake. Just wish to bake a nice cake for my old pal. Then, when I opened the fridge, just saw not enough of sugar and egg. Well, should be easier to settle. I will just walk down to my apartment to buy. Finally cake mission accomplished.

Here come next, I was having appointment in HUKM for my allergy. I admitted, the only thing I love the most in my current working place in JOHOR is the traffic. Frankly I was in a uneasy mood when I drive along Jalan Tun Razak with such a heavy flow of traffic. Reached HUKM , but could not get parking. Kind of pissed off by how they operated the parking lot. As you see, there is no enough space, and yet they tend to do the velvet parking (Sweating). I was stranded in the parking lot for 3o minutes, and at the end I gave up. Try my luck to get parking at the Stadium opposite the HUKM. You can imagine my feeling when I finally saw one Pakcik hopped in to his car. I was waiting patiently behind his car. He took another 10 minutes before moving. Guess what he did in the car? He did a lot of thing, like comb his hair, drinking water, taking medicine and dreaming a while. So I happily parked the car in and shouted hurry in my heart. Since I can still spotted a few cars were turning around to find parking.

Entered the HUKM. Went to the registration counter. After processing all the document, I was given the number of 26. Well, sitting in the waiting area for my number to be called. Killing my time with mobile internet, then my story book. When the number of 25 was called, I was telling myself, “Yeah, it is going to be my turn.” Then suddenly the number was jumping to 27. I told myself maybe the number is random, I will be called soon. So I waited again, till the number turned to be 28,29,30 untill 32. Well, I could not take this. So I just walked to the counter again. The receptionist was kind enough to help me to call and ask.

Receptionist: ” Kak, apa sa number 26 belum dipanggil. Nama dia LIM CHEE CHIN. ”

Answer: ” Eh. tak nampak rekod ni la. ”

In my heart : WHat the hell….

At the end they finally found my hidden file and asking me to wait in front of the room. Finally I was being consulted by a doctor that seem like paying no attention to me. She was reading some thing in the screen and also holding a book with her. Roughly get some information from me, then she agreed to let me gone through two different kind of tests for my allergy. When she was about to update my information in the system , ” Eh, tak boleh key in ni.” Err…why this happen to me again ? They called the information department and here and there, finally settled. Then I happily got the date for my next appointment, and she asked to make reservation with the lab people for my allergy test. When i reached the lab, the person in charge was out. A girl was asking me to leave the form, and the person will call me back. Trust me , this is the situation I really scared of. When they said they will call, they will not call. I got no choice but to write down my phone number and leave the form to them. Hmm… at least until now I still haven’t get my call.

After the appointment, I walked happy to get my car. Saw something very familiar clipped in the wiper. Looked closely, : ” I am not wearing black, why they want to kena SUMMONS in this kind of place?” . I was sighing. Then I told myself, the summons of RM50 is much more cheaper then the allergy test if i took it outside. Just treat this as the consultation fees. This really made me feel more easing.

The next plan was heading to SG Wang to change my spoiled charger. This part got no worries.

I had an appointment with an old friend for treating him a nice dinner. We went to SANOOK at Glomac Plaza, Kelana Jaya. Trust me everything is 100% except the last part that ruined the dinner to become -300%. We ordered Mango Salad, Baked oyster, Salmon bbq, and lamb. Ops, add another two pints of KILLKENNY. Ah, and also chocolate cheesecake as a dessert. I will really rated everything for 100%. Here comes the worst thing, when I was doing my business in the toilet, just happen that I did raise my head. and I see….. a Camera from next door trying to shoot or record what happen in the lady’s toilet. So I yelled, and the guy who holding the camera was rushing out. By the time I rushed out and he was gone. I talked to the manager, and they said they didn’t notice anyone who running out from the gent’s toilet. My face turned really chilly red. I did suspect it should be someone from them. Their own people who doing that. I was seriously thinking about police report that time. But when really think what they can do. Okie give up. An advise to all ladies, just don’t too concentrate on your business when in the toilet. Try to look around. This is something out of control by anyone else.

That all writing above was happened to be on me for the whole day. Luckily still something to compensate my bad day. My old friend did enjoy the meal and especially the cake. Another is , I did progress in my allergy.

I always believe after bad things, good things will come. and I am waiting those good things to come.

Good day to you all too. T.G.is Friday 🙂


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