ATV adventure (01.05.10)

Start the first day of May with something adventure-ATV.

First of all, I would like to thank to Suat Yee, Suat Fun, Cojack, Wai Ming, and Ah Chew for joining me. I know all of us were really enjoying, except for the numb of the thumb (pressing the oil pedal).

Trust me; if you like waterfall, jungle and atv, this is  a really exciting outdoor activities.

The trek to the jungle is not easy. Going uphill, downhill, as well as passing through the trek which is full of rock. The thrilling moment is when you need to drive up the hill. Make sure you do some training exercise on your thumb before you go for this. I barely felt my thumb when going uphill.

We signed for the package C which cost RM 150 per person.  Total driving journey was around 2 hours. We did stop and hanging around at the hidden waterfall.  The waterfall is really nice. Imagine you can lay on the big rock to enjoy the beauty of the Mother Nature. It was the best thing to spare your free time instead of watching drama, shopping or doing nothing at home.

It was raining when we decided to drive back. Eight of us (including two guides) were overweight, breaking down the PONDOK there (:-D). The rain made the trek more slippery when we drive back. One of our team member (Wai Ming) was having Tokyo drift (terbalik of the atv, when going downhill). So please be careful and follow the rules. The guides told us, one of the customer was thrown away from the atv while driving uphill due to panic and suddenly break. (Ghee… I guess everyone will be a bit threatening when hearing this. )

A bit sad when nobody respond to  my post about ATV invitation. So I will prove you with the photo. (:-P)

I will come back again ATV. Love it!

Me in ATV

The beautiful waterfall. Really love waterfall a lot ><

Chilling place. Hate the hot weather recently. Make me feel so sick ><

P/S:  life is just too short. Just be precautious, and not breaking the rules, you are safe for ATV. For more information can visit


4 thoughts on “ATV adventure (01.05.10)

    • that day went out with my ex-housemate. Planning for the three hour one. Be ready for it. Do some thumb exercise >< hahaha…

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