Peppercorn Cafe @ Subang Jaya

Well, if you are asking me, what  I am doing recently?

My answer is ,other then my normal routine (Working + Tuition), I am currently the Personal Assistant to my beloved sister, Winnie Lim. Oh ya…not just personal assistant, but also Part Time waitress now ><

Kind of tired with the pack schedule. But it is worth for doing it for your loved one.

How i can turn to be a PART TIME WAITRESS ? This is because my sister own a restaurant now. The well established Peppercorn Cafe in Subang ss15.  My sister is just lucky enough to take over this restaurant. The previous owner, Ms Yau, had sold the restaurant to my sister, yet, she will still be helping in the restaurant as she like.

No much changes for the restaurant (if you are worried) . Or I should say, my brother in law, Chef Poh, is trying to make it better. I got faith with my sister and my brother in law (both involved in food and beverages for more then 15 years) can really work it out.

Ya… this blog will be like a bit bias, because I am recommending my OWN SISTER shop. Trust me please. I am still the original me, the one who love to find some nice food. If you prefer, a western food which is less fried, less oil and for better health, please drop by.

And they also provide  catering, private party and some sort of gathering.

And please, this restaurant will not make your pocket empty. Mostly it has set that is price from RM 24-32 nett. It will include, appetizer, main course, dessert ( fruit, Jelly, or ice-cream)  and also free plain water + tea or coffee.

Well, this is just the introduction for the dinner.

The set lunch and breakfast set also available (Will upload picture for breakfast as soon as possible) . Plus the set from lunch is from RM13.50 nett and breakfast will be from RM 5.50.

Peppercorn Café

No 21, Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

603 5631 1808 (tel)

Business Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 8:00am to 3:00pm
Friday and Saturday: 8:00am to 3:00pm & 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

Hmm.. after talking so much of crab, we should proceed to some picture. At the moment, I would like to recommend these :

Promise to clean the sign board to make it Clearer a bit .

Chef Poh ( My brother in law , 15 years of working experience in Shangri-la hotel , Singapore)

Stewed Chicken Wing ( Must try!!) Boneless and with different insides.

appetizer- Salad

Pumpkin soup

Toast Garlic Bread

Special ~

Lemon Sauce fish

Ginger sauce chicken steak -special recommend the ROSTI (the side dish)

p/s : If you want to visit me, I will be there on Friday night and the whole day of Saturday.

12 thoughts on “Peppercorn Cafe @ Subang Jaya

  1. the food looks good and guess you should open a outlet here is a newly build commercial/retail lots please contact me by email or my mobile 016283 6739………keek up the good job…good luck…..with regards ricky axis

  2. dinner from Rm24 is reasonable. i would love to bring my family to peppercorn for dinner. by the way do you accept credit card because in subang it is not advisable to bring a lot of cash.
    i hope you do accept credit card. thank you.

    • hi 🙂 Hope u will be giving a chance to try this restaurant one day. Just sorry to let you know that at the moment we never provide credit card service. As to get the merchant is not easy too. Thank you.

    • Thanks for loving the breakfast. And hope you will continue ur support 🙂 the previous chef already dead. So the wife sold the shop to my sister.

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