Toddy Palm

This is something special I get to try during my trip to Cameron last Friday.

Actually I wished to try this since two years ago. But that time was raining cats and dogs, so I missed the chance.

The picture can tell you the stories.

Toddy Palm

When the skin of the fruit being peeled. It is really yummy !

there is water inside the fruits. fresh, sweet and juicy.

It cost me RM 14 to eat this little toddy palm. I did asked the seller, where it grows. He told me it grows inside the jungle and it is alike with Pinang Tree. If you ever  bump into this little cute thing, just give it a try.

The seller tell me it has the function of :

1. Cooling the body.

2. Cure sore throat.

3. A very good herb tea.

Then, the weather in Cameron is kind of weird. Cold, but night it is not windy. Make the atmosphere a bit humid. And it rains all day. Rain then stop then rain again. My cloth got all those rain dots. But it is still better in Kuala Lumpur or Seremban.


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