A night with my son @ 18/02/10

Well, it was a night outing with my dear son, Rudy Khoo.

You must be surprised that why my son and I look like couple more then mother and son.

Hmm.. the fact is , he is just one year younger then me. ><

Let me give you some brief information about my son.

He was my junior indeed.

He started to call me ‘MUM’ since I was in form 5.

He used to be my No.1 fans for my baking stuffs.

He borrowed his shoulder the time when I get my SPM results, where I did cried very badly.

He can communicate very well with others.

Yes, he is playful , but now getting more and more down to the earth (as he said, he is very old mentally.)

He always praised my baking is better then secret recipe, cos it contains LOVE ><


Immediately called him when I get to know he had broken up with the girl friend.

It was not a call to console, but a call to celebrate.

Celebrating that he is finally get himself out from the hell.

So, here comes our FIRST gathering for year 2010 @ Library.

A night in the library

Buy one pint, free half pint.


Nice chit-chat all night along.

Somehow, he had changed a lot.

Still, it was a heart warming gathering that can see him grown up so well.

Glad to see you son! Love you always 🙂

Must take care. As we promise, must hang out more><

Me and my son


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