Handwriting analysis (Graphology) about ME

Well, don’t be  frightened by the big word ” Graphology”. It is just something interesting that i wish to share with.

All my friends who have my handwriting ( those lovely card that i sent to you all or letters ?) , please take it with you and see how truth the handwriting analysis. (hmm…ready ? ) Here comes …

Step 1 Pressure

Pressure – Undeniable the pressure that i press on the pen and paper when I am writing is STRONG.

–> heavy pressure are usually highly successful ( well, what do you think ? am i successful ? Suppose to be not that successful yet… but soon or later >< )

Vitality and the emotional experience last for long ( Totally agree. I still remember someone was asking me :
“Why can’t you  let go those people who did something not nice to you?”  Well i guess this is the answer, cos my emotional experience last for long especially to those who i really take care of. It is not that I hate them, just somehow i can feel the hurt is still there )

Step 2 Slant (Emotional determinant)

–> Right slant ( ///)  respond strongly to the emotional situation. Caring, warm and out-going. Heart rule their mind. ( Well absolutely right!!!!)  But my handwriting change from time to time. Means i am not rule by the heart all the time >< .

Step 3 Emotional control and reliabilty

–> Baseline – ascending = optimistic ( ya… try to become optimistic since long time ago)

Step 4 Concentration

–> Size of writing – average size= average concentration ( Well, i know i am not suitable for tedious task. Those who has small writing are capable to concentrate on minor details.  I just realize that during my form 6 i think i can concentrate a lot …hahahaa…cos that time my size of writing is quite small but not now)

Step 5 Three zones of writing

–>Upper zone- intellectual thoughts, subtract thinking, day dreaming , psychic  abilities and imagination

–>Middle zone- day to day aspects of like home, family, paying the bills, and work and social concerns.

–>Lower zone- physical abilities, sex drive, appetite and desire for material wealth.

To have further understanding about this three zone, you need to track the word ” l” , “o” and “g” to see how is the portion of this three word. Well, I think I am quite equal between the ”  l ” and the ” o” except for the “g” , where the lower part of the g i hardly will stress it longer. Accurate as well, cause I always suspecting myself is cold-blood with low sex drive (=P)

Step 6 Spacing between letter

The spacing between the letter for my writing is quite average.

–> average spacing= self confident and feel comfortable at ease

Step 7 Spacing between word

–> average = feels comfortable and contact with other. The wider the spacing between word, the space to contact with people is further.

well, I am definitely average person. Adequate of human contact is just good for me. But please not too much .

Step 8 Intelligence and thought processing

–> examine all the small letter of  ” m” , n” , and ” r”

–>sharp pointed top –quick to comprehend and retain idea

–> round top- slower methodical thinkers. Retains as much knowledge as quick thinker, but tend to think things over.

For this part, I cannot 100% admit myself as quicker thinker. But sometimes I am, especially when those things that I don’t need to take more care. Contrast, I did think over again and again before decision. Ok… i am mixed between quick thinker and methodical thinkers ><

Step 9 : speed of writing

–> fast writer – spontenous, impatient, ambitious, aggressive , quick thinkers and accident prone.

–> average – slow thinkers , creative.

hmm… how about I can type really fast? hahahhaa… I can write fast, but until some point will be tired then will start to write in average speed ><


So, you can’t define me just from some of the steps. Must investigate every single step to get the big picture. So , I do admit most of them defined me well. This makes me think of two of my old friend. Both of them write as heavy pressure as me. The different thing is two of them are so talented in ART. but I am not. Maybe cooking can be a part of ART ? I just felt this article is really interesting and I would like to share with. In fact, for people that know me well, can realize that my handwriting actually is changing from time to time. In a different situation and mood, I can write differently. Just read through the article to know more about yourself. Enjoy ! http://www.viewzone.com/handwriting.html


3 thoughts on “Handwriting analysis (Graphology) about ME

    • Thanks 🙂 My name is cheechin. I used to write my blog in Chinese that’s why you could not get my name. Hope you enjoy the article.

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