Old Dogs

Initially, I was not really keen to watch this movie on TUESDAY.

It happened to be,  I was working from home since my office’s electricity being cut off, then my student request din’t want to have tuition due to his school’s sport day. So , end up with i can be there early to redeem the FREEBIES.

Well, they said this movie is quite a like with the movie of <WILD HOGS> (year 2007)

Never expect much from the movie.  Not even read about the synopsis before the movie.

When it started, no regret for queuing up and confronted with a quite rude girl who was queuing in front of me.

Don’t want to reveal too much of details.

Just go ahead for this movie.

p/s: <OLD DOGS> gives me the same meaning as old friends. Recently just realize, at the age of 24 (ya…upcoming 25), you already have some of your old friends who already spend more then 10 years with you. Just, i feel a bit of up set. Loosing a friend is not written in my dictionary. Unpredictable, it will just happen. Especially at this stage, when everyone is having their own life, the time to be spent together is getting lesser and lesser. Or, the bond between each other is loosen. Well, this is so called life (cannot really take it before, but already accepted it as the fact for life). I really hope, those who i still taking care with tender will really and is my old dogs  (no doubt, the one that talk about is you ><).  Take care my OLD DOGS =P


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