Sick of Malaysia Education System

” I am totally sick of Malaysia education system! ” – shouted from the bottom of my heart.

Well, just finished the discussion with my student’s mother regarding the tuition for the youngest son.

Frankly, who doesn’t want to earn more money on that.


To teach the eldest son already a big commitment,

I am not willing to sacrifice all my time in giving TUITION. ( although it will definately  double up my income)

I need my OWN TIME.  For giving three days of tuition almost left me half of my life.

Back to the focus, what make me so sick of the education system?

I was browsing through the exercise book for the youngest son.

OH MY GOD! The things were real tough for a standard one student.

Too high class English , too high class of Chinese.

They are just standard one . but the stuff is like for standard two or three.

My student’s mom told me that the son really having difficulty to understand sometimes.

I will not shock of hearing this.  The teaching material is TOO HIGH CLASS.

What to do when the student don’t understand?

Forcing them to MEMORIZE.

What is the result of memorizing ?

They don’t know the application and cannot work out in the other way.

During my generation, I already being taught in filling the duck style.

Even now getting WORST.

Most of the teenage problem I guess derive from the same LAME education system.

When they are trained to fill the duck, they don’t even train to think much.

As a result, they don’t think what they are doing in their life.

End up with contributing problems.

Sigh ….

Even i am not agree with this kind of education system, but what can I do ?

I bet , until forever , it will remain the same….



One thought on “Sick of Malaysia Education System

  1. Our education has been hijacked by politicians for their own selfish reasons … further more, it was doing ok when the medium of instruction was in English … that too was dismantled for the BM medium. Not to say that BM is not impt but when they neglected the importance of English, that’s where the problem with our education system started … from the mid 70s … God help our children and this beautiful country managed wrongly by some goons.

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