Remember me ? – Sophie Kinsella

Finish this book on my way to Singapore.
Ya…did suffer a bit of dizzy …cos the road was a little bit bumpy.

It was a nice book.
If you would like to read something leisure, funny, love, romantic and also touching.
Can’t help myself to complete it as the story near the ending part was such a climate.
Holding my book in the bus, in the MRT while heading out with my sister.
The mission was…i wanted to know what was the ending….
A load of stuff was triggering my mind.
Added with some other coincidence incidents …
I was thinking the same question again, to be with someone that you love ,or someone that qualified to let you love ?
I guess for the realisitic world , many of them choose to be someone that qualitfied to let you love, as in term of material, financial support.
Well, i saw somehting different in the journey.

When i knew that i was cheated by the ticket saler, i needed to take the bus at the Johor.
While i get into the bus, there was an old couple.
I always hoping that , i will be one of them at the end of my life.
Old enough, yet young enough in the heart to love each other.
Holding each other, showing care endlessly.
What i wanted to say was… such a LOVELY couple.
I guessed the perfume of LOVELY not enough to make me LOVELY,
i needed to learn how to be LOVELY again .
Then, on my way to Singapore, at the custom, here came two pair of couples.
Japanese in my guess.
The girlfriend was slept in the bus.
And as you know, when you slept in the bus,
your head will lack of support.
As a consequences, your head will start to hanging.
The boyfriend was such a care one.
Using two of his hands, poisitioning the girl’s head all the way to BUGIS.
I was touched at the bottom of my heart.
Don’t you have the same feeling as me?

Someone sent me the link of an old e-Card that i sent couple years back .
Wow~~ i was totally stunned.
In the memory, forgotten i was such a lovely person.
Well, sorry if you sick of seing the word lovely,
because i really cannot think of others word to replace it. >.<

I just like the twist of the story -Remember Me ?
Feel free to read it.
I don't really go for ROMANCE fiction.
But this is not just for ROMANCE.

Rest well for these few days.
Swept away all the bored within me.
Ya…i am now ready…
Way back into LOVE, as well as way back into WORK.

Here, a song dedicated to all of you ~~
If you like should watch the movie as well ~~


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